Eolian Islands

Eolian Islands

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Eolian Islands


The Eolian Islands are an arcipelago in Italy which belongs to the Eolian arch in Sicily. The group of islands consits of seven islands: Lipari, Vulcano, Salina, Stromboli, Filigudi, Alicudi and Panarea.

The seven islands are located off-shore Sicily in the Tyrrhenian sea and have always been a popular tourist destination.

The seven perls that form the Eolian islands are beautiful, have unspoilt nature and an authentic atmosphere. As a result the islands that are full of myths and history were declared as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Every islands has its characteristics which make them all worth a visit.

Lipari is the biggest island and also the most inhabitated. The island has a beautiful landscape, culture, attractions  and entertainment to offer. One of the main attactions is the castle and its massive town walls, where you can find the San Bartolomeo cathedral and the archeological Eolian museum. Characteristic are the numerous corners with many restaurants and shops. Lipari is famous for its thermal springs, the sea and the beaches, some of them were transformated in surreal looking places by  obsidian flows.


Salina is the green island, due to the rich and lush nature. One of the best Malvasia, which is a group of wine grape varieties, can be found on the island. The blue sea and the beautiful beaches make Salina a perfect destination for tourist that love nature.

Panarea is the most ancient and smallest island of the Eolian islands and known for its VIP tourism. Tourist love the picturesque islands and its wild side with its natural beauty such as the Cala degli Zimmari bay and Cala Junco, a bay hidden between cliffs. On the promontory of Punta Milazzese there is the prehistoric village dating back to the bronze era. At the Calcarea beach you can observe different volcanic phenomenons in form of fumeroles.

Alicudi and Filicudi are untouched, with wild nature and crystal clear water.  They are perfect for everyone that wants to relax for some days and to get in touch with nature.


Stromboli is the pearl of the Eolian islands. Characteristic is the tiny village of Ginostra on the western side of the island which was lately added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. The village is perfect for everyone that loves tranquillity. Those who are looking for an exciting experience can hike up the volcano and see one of the amazing eruptions of Stromboli.

Vulcano, “the island of the fire” is still active from a vulcanological perspective. Since the ancient times the island is famous for the thermal activity such as mud-baths and its health benefits. Typical for the island are its black beaches. The main attractions are: the glowing crater, where you can see the fume and smell the sulfur and the Valle dei mostri in Vulcanello, where the vulcanic rocks became bizzare forms during the last centuries.

The islands fullfill the needs of every traveller since they offer the opportunity to relax but also to live exciting adventures, in the middle of the wild and untouched nature.

In one day is possible to visit 2 of the 7 eolian islands. You can choose between Panarea and Stromboli tour, to see at the sunset the eruption of Stromboli’s or Lipari and Vulcano, to go shopping and do mud-baths.

Sports & nature

The nature of the Aeolian Islands is wild and unspoiled. For lovers of sports and adventure you can live different experiences: climb to the peak of Stromboli, go hiking in the mountains.Sports and nature image

Nightlife info

Into aeolian island you can do a very beautiful nightlife.Nightlife image

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Excursion to Lipari and Vulcano

Excursion to Lipari and Vulcano

Eolian Islands
EXCURSION TO LIPARI AND VULCANO, EOLIAN ISLANDS  «Ajo visto el mappamondo et la carta da navichare, More info
Stromboli and Panarea

Stromboli and Panarea

Eolian Islands
Suggestive mini cruise to explore two of the most famous Aeolian Islands,  unesco word heritage site More info

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