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Catania is close to the Etna and close to the sea and is one of the few cities in Sicily that offers many diverse strolls in one place.

Catania is situed between Syracuse and Messina. In the city you can find many Roman buildings like the Roman theater, the Odeon, the amphitheater and the thermal baths. The Monastery of the Benedettini is now a part of the University of Catania.

Catania has been destroyed several times by earthquakes and lava flows of Etna  in the past and many ancient buldings of the Medieval and Baroque era have been destroyed. Don’t miss to visit the Ursino Castle, one of the few buildings that were not affected by the eruptions.

The elefant fountain called ‘‘O liotru”, which is the cities landmark is located on Piazza Duomo and made of lava stones. The elefant’s trunk points towards the cathedral of Catania, where the patron St Agata is located.


The festival of St Agata is a “ethnologic world heritage” and known around the world. Every year between the 3rd and 6th of February the statue of St Agata is carried by its believers around the city.


The public green is formed by public gardens in the city. The parks are a lot, the most important and the biggest are six. The first one is ”Villa Bellini” park, dedicated to Vincenzo Bellini; the second one is Villa Pacini, called also thw park of yawns dedicated to Giovanni Pacini; Gioeni Park.; Falcone and Borsellino Park; I Viceré Park and the lastest that is Plaia cops, next to the airport.

The open-air markets are very important to know the way and the mood of sicilian persons. One of the place most characteristic is the fish open-air market, called ”Pescheria”, rich of colors, voices and smells. The restaurants into the Pescheria have fresh and cheap fish every day.

Another characteristic place is the market of Piazza Carlo Alberto, better known as Fera ‘o Luni. The market is made every day. In this market you can buy clothes, shoes, underwear, table linens and tablecloths, utensils and objects, fish, meat and vegetables!
This is the market where people from Catania buy from A to Z.

Country Italy
Languages spokenItalian and Catanese
Area (km2)180,9 km²

Sports & nature

Trekking Etna, Diving, Snow, snoerkeling. Sports and nature image

Nightlife info

Catania has a great nightlife to offer. In the old town center, especially Piazza Duomo, Piazza of the University and Piazza Vincenzo Bellini (better known as Piazza Teatro Massimo) you can find many bars and clubs and a lot of people at night. In summer nights, a lot of people go to the seaside - la Playa and Acitrezza.Nightlife image
B&B in the center of Catania

B&B in the center of Catania

, Catania
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