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”I want you in my bed” at hostel Taormina, cheap accomodation.

Are you looking for a distinct accommodation very cheap?

You will not find the privacy and comforts that a hotel can offer, but at the Hostel Taormina you make friends with many travelers like you and sleep in comfortable beds comfortable just 200 meters from the center of Taormina!

In this cheap Hostel you will sleep with other people of the same or different dormitories or single sex room: everything will allow a continuous exchange of information, lifestyle, worldview, experiences, adventures.

The hostel will be your Sicilian family: the furnishing is functional and homely, the staff is friendly and helpful. In the kitchen you can prepare dishes for yourself or to share with your hosts and watch tv on a comfortable sofa. The wifi super fast will allow you to stay connected 24/7, your bed will lead you into pleasant dreams. Both summer and winter, you can recreate in the terrace overlooking Taormina and its bay.

A 1 minute from the main street of Taormina, the hostel offers a low cost accommodation in the most beautiful city of Sicily ensuryes availability, cleanliness, basical comforts and services.

Hostel Taormina you will also offer the possibility of one private room with a private bathroom and double bed and 2 apartments with bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. ASk us!

Cheap and friendly accomodation in Taormina for all age groups, for singles or families or couples.

Francis, Egle, Grace, will show you the places to visit, restaurants to eat, tours to do, discos.


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Films, kitchen, parlor games, friendship


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Taormina is located in a strategic point: posts on clean and clear Ionian sea, where the rocks and Mediterranean vegetation draw the coast, on the right there is Gentle Giant, the Mount Etna.


From this little town is possible to do many excursions to visit the most beautiful places in Sicily, like: Syracuse, Palermo, Agrigento, Piazza Armerina, Vulcano and Lipari or Stromboli and Panarea about the Eolian Islands, Noto, Etna

Many excursions leave from the city to visit the Etna! Many organized tours to visit the beauties of Sicily staying comfortably in the beautiful Taormina.

Walking through its streets is like stepping back in time. You will see magnificent palaces and gigantics works, devoid of signs of the time. Over the years the sign of the time have enrich this cultural and architectural jewel.

Heart of Taormina, the big Ancient Greek Theatre, hosts a lot of events: musicals concerts, operas, festivals, moda events etc… 

The little town offers to his tourists the cultural aspect, relax and also sports.

You can swimm and walk in Bazzarò Bay, the beach of Taormina. Or you can do a relaxing walking in the gardens of Taornia. You can trek also on the mountain up the city, and discover the ancient Saraceno castel.

While you are visiting and enjoying Taormina, it’s impossible to quit to taste the Sicilian cuisine. 

There are many restaurants and taverns where to taste fresh fish, first course like ”Norma Pasta”, cannolo with ricotta, arancini, almond wine, pistachio cakes

Sports & nature

Sports & natureTo trek on Mount Venus is fantastic. If you go at Mazzarò Bay you can walk by the sea. many sport absorbed in the nature!   Taormina offers many sports: diving, snorkeling for sea lovers, Hiking, skiing and winter sports on Mount Etna to be made for those who love the altitude!

Nightlife info

Nightlife infoThe night life is consumed in the center of Taormina, between the real pubs and lounge bars that enliven the town by dancing youngsters into the early hours of the morning: Jar, Morgana, Mediterranean, Timoleon Cafe, Lounge 123 ... For those who love the live events you can not miss the concerts and events during summer animate the Greek theater of Taormina. For sea lovers can enjoy the party within many local overlooking the Riviera Taorminese: Caparena, Meridien, Stockholm.

Culture and history info

Culture and history infoThe birth of this Italian city was determined by the arrival of some Greek refugees from the nearby city of Naxos, who named Tauromenion. With this rule the city assumes the typical appearance of the various Greek colonies. At this time the construction of what is worthily considered the city's symbol, the famous Greek Theatre. A second rule dates back to Romani.nuove architecture that still constitute a pride of the town. The Romans built numerous works architerroniche, such as the Naumachie. Also affected the Byzantine, Arab and Norman who made the city prosperous and flourishing, to this day which is imporntate cultural and historical center of Sicily. The city of Taormina is beautiful!
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